Change of direction // Finding myself during sleepwalking in Paris // Stanley Greene Workshop

Here I am again, and this time with words too.

An emotional vortex has born to express my feelings in life trough a lens. It worked out, but because it is a vortex, sometimes you get confused by the outside world and you can’t hear your own voice.

I was going crazy, I felt like in a cage and wanted to break out from this period of my life in Rome, with all this crisis crazy situation, and the immobility of people about it. We should go and crash it all.

So I decide to go 5 days in Paris and attend the workshop of Stanley Greene. I would have not ever imagined something like this, it is like someone enters in your brain and shake it like a snow water ball.

I felt alive, in the same way I felt when I was in Cairo, free alive alert, like a naked nerve. He is able to take all the bullshit out of you, there is no chance of not being honest and true. True, that is one of the greatest problem of the world, a lie generates another lie and so on, until we don’t understand and we don’t feel each other anymore. The human being de-touched from itself, like I was before this experience.

For sure I made this workshop in a really particular moment of my life, but it really turned me. I wasn’t shooting with my Leica anymore, I had lost the faith in photography. Last night when I came back home I’ve grabbed my Leica and put on my film, Fujifilm 1600, with that color and fantastic grain which is how I most expressed myself with photography. Going back to the basis, to the real motive why I do photography, to leave a trace, to communicate, to tell stories, humans are born to tell stories, it is what give us evolution.

The workshop with Stanley really gives you a chance to see the world in an another point of view, from the heart, the stomach, that emotional flux that everybody has but have forgotten, he reminds you that, your original will, passion, love, nature. There is no chance to avoid it, no chance of getting away from your own conscience, and there it is that you feel the connection with yourself like never before, and then you see, you dream, he says photography is about dreaming, and one person told me Vida es sueño – life is a dream – and we should all let the dream happen and follow our will and hope and the things will come together.

So the blog will take a turn, I will post not only my pictures but also all the things that touch me in a deep emotional way.

This workshop has done this, touched me, put me in connection with the world, with the family we are.

Here are some of the pictures, enjoy!

In touch




Happily Alone




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